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If you want to get better at soccer, you need to practice. The good news is that you don't need a whole team to practice some of the most important soccer skills. You can practice and improve your skills on your own. Here are some drills you can use:

By Yourself

Speed dribble - See how fast you can dribble the soccer ball while maintaining control over a long stretch of grass. Repeat it over. See if you can get someone to time you so you can work on going faster.

Obstacle course dribble - Set up an obstacle course. You can use cones, trees, or whatever is available. Then work on dribbling through that course. Get someone to time you and then work on improving your time.

Juggling - Juggling the ball is when you keep the ball in the air by using your feet, head, chest, and knees. Juggling is a great way to get a feel for the ball and learn control.

Off the wall - You can practice your passing, trapping, and one touch passing by kicking the soccer ball off of a wall to yourself. This is a great time to work on your weak foot. By building up your strength and control on your weak foot, you will become a much better soccer player. Also, work on keeping the ball low and on the ground.

Turning drill - Dribble the ball as fast as you can to a certain point and then execute a turn. Practice different kinds of turns and imagine where the defender is when making your turn.

With a Friend or Two

Monkey in the middle - I think we've all played some form of monkey in the middle. If you have a couple of friends try out the soccer version for a while. You have one player on each side and one in the middle. The two players try to pass the ball back and forth while the player in the middle tries to steal it. Be sure to switch off every now and then regardless of whether the ball is stolen or not, so everyone gets a chance to practice each position.

Throw-in practice - Practice throwing the soccer ball to a friend. One player can work on the throw-in, while the other can work on trapping the ball. Switch positions every 10 or so throws.

Fast Break - If you have a long field to practice on, you can try running fast breaks. This is when you and a friend run down the field as fast as you can, passing the ball back and forth. This will help with your speed, control, and passing including the timing of your passes.

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