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The best way to learn soccer is to play the actual game whenever you can. However, sometimes it is fun to mix it up and play different games that can help you learn soccer skills. A few ideas are outlined below:

Soccer players doing a team drill
Source: US Navy
Sharks and Minnows - Play the soccer version of this classic game. First define two sides with an area in between. Place one or two players in the middle, they will be the sharks. The rest of the players each have a ball and are the minnows. The minnows will now try to dribble the ball from one side to the other. The sharks try to kick the soccer ball away. When the shark steals a ball, then that minnow becomes a shark. Keep going until only one minnow is left. Note: You need to have the rule that a minnow can't just kick a long shot to the other side, they need to have the ball under their control when they cross the line.

Soccer Golf - You need a big area like a park for this one. Mark out a course using various far away items that will be okay if they are hit by a golf ball. For example, a wall, a tree, the goal post, a bench, etc. You could even use different parts of the soccer field like the center circle or a corner area. Play the game just like golf. Pick a tee off point and see who can hit the object in the fewest number of kicks. Keep score if you want.

Red Light Green Light - Players line up a distance from the coach or leader. Each player has a ball. The leader yells "green light" and the players start dribbling toward the coach. The coach turns around, back to the players. When the coach yells "red light" they must stop themselves and the ball. Any players still moving or with the ball still rolling when the coach turns back around, is out. Keep playing until one player is left or they reach the leader. For some fun, the leader can mix up red light and green light to test who is really paying attention.

Name Passing - Players get in a circle. They say the name of the person they are passing it to and then pass the ball. Great way for a new team to learn each other's names. Add more balls near the end and see what happens.

Soccer Marbles Game - You need one soccer ball that is a unique color or pattern. Split up the kids and divide the area into two sides. Have them line up each with a ball. The unique ball goes in the middle. Players must kick their ball and hit the unique ball. They try to move the unique ball across the other team's side only hitting it with soccer balls.

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