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Basketball: Team Drills

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Dribbling Drills

Variations: This drill is great for younger kids to work on their dribbling. Each player has a ball. They spread out on the court so each will have room to dribble. Coach stands in the middle. Coach gives dribbling commands such as right hand, left hand, back and forth, low dribble, etc. Increase the speed of the changes near the end for some fun!

Full Court: Players stand in two lines about 12 feet apart at one end of the court. Players in line #1 each have a ball. The first player in each line starts off down the court at the same pace. Player #1 dribbles to the top of the key, then passes to player #2. Player #2 dribbles past half court, then passes the ball back to player #1. Player #1 dribbles almost to the base line, then passes the ball back. They then move to form a line to go back the other direction. The next pair of players in line start the drill when the pair before them makes their first pass.

Stop and Turn: Four to five players and one ball per line. The first player dribbles to the free throw line, stops quickly, turns and passes the ball back to the next player in line. She then hustles to the back of the line. Work on different types of passes including bounce and chest passes. Alternate hands used to dribble.

Layup Drills

Basic Layups: Line up in two equal lines (lines #1 and #2), one line on each wing. The first player in line #1 has a ball. The first player in line #1 performs a layup while the first player in line #2 grabs the rebound. The player who grabbed the rebound passes the ball to the next player in line #1. Each of the players go back into line on the opposite side. After a while change the side with the ball so players practice layups from both sides.

Shooting Drills

Pass and Shoot: Line up in two equal lines, one on the wing and one at the top of the key. The line at the top of the key has the ball and is the passing line. The line on the wing is the shooting line. The player at the top of the key passes the ball to the player on the wing. The wing player shoots, follows his shot, and moves to the end of the passing line. The passer moves to the end of the shooting line. You can change up the shots taken. Include three pointers, shooting directly after receiving the pass, jump shots after a quick dribble, etc.

Knockout Shot: Place players in groups of 3 to 5 based on shooting skill level. Each group has two basketballs. This can be practiced from different areas of the floor such as the free throw line or three point line. The first player shoots. If he makes the shot he grabs the ball and returns to the line. If he misses, he must follow the shot. The next player in line tries to then make the shot before the first shooter makes the follow. If the next player makes the shot first, the first shooter is knocked out. This can be a permanent knock out or the player knocked out must run a lap prior to returning to line.

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