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Wars of the Roses

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The Wars of the Roses was a civil war fought in England. It lasted for just over 30 years from 1455 to 1487, however, the battles were mostly small and sometimes were years apart.

Who fought in the Wars of the Roses?

The Wars of the Roses was fought between two rival families who both laid claim to the throne of England: the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

What did Roses have to do with it?

The "War of the Roses" comes from the symbols, or badges, of the two warring houses: the House of Lancaster was represented by a red rose and the House of York by a white rose.

What started the war?

The reasons behind the wars were complex. Both houses claimed to have a right to the English throne as descendents of King Edward III. It didn't help that the current king, Henry VI, was mentally ill and was being advised by corrupt and unpopular nobles.

People from the Wars of the Roses

House of Lancaster House of York
House of Tudor Timeline Interesting Facts about the Wars of the Roses

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