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The people of Ancient Egypt enjoyed a variety of activities for entertainment. Like in most societies, the wealthy had more leisure time for fun and games, but even the peasants liked to have fun and enjoy festivals and games.


The Egyptians not only hunted for food, they also hunted for entertainment. Sometimes large game animals would be brought into an enclosed area for rich nobles, or even the pharaoh, to hunt. Dangerous animals like lions or hippos were hunted this way. Hunters used a variety of weapons including spears, arrows, and throwing sticks.

Queen Nefertiti Playing Senet by Unknown

Board Games

The Ancient Egyptians liked to play board games for fun. Two of the most popular board games were senet and mehen. The game of senet is thought to be over 5000 years old. It was so popular that many pharaohs were buried with senet boards so they would have something to do in the afterlife. Mehen was played on a round board with spaces shaped like a coiled snake.


The Ancient Egyptians also enjoyed physical games and sports. Many of the sporting activities helped to prepare young men for battle. Wrestling was a popular sport that both the rich and the poor people alike enjoyed. Chariot racing helped to hone the skills of chariot drivers and archery contests helped warriors improve their accuracy with the bow and arrow.


Most Ancient Egyptians could not read or write. Up until the times when the Greeks conquered Egypt, the Egyptians didn't have any theatre either. However, the Ancient Egyptians loved to tell stories. Storytellers could keep an audience captivated for hours with popular tales about Egyptian gods, love, war heroes, and adventures. Stories were passed down from generation to generation orally.


Throughout the year the Egyptians celebrated various festivals. Many of these were in honor of certain gods such as the Thoth festival. Festivals involved special offerings and celebrations. During the Opet Festival, the statues of the gods Amun, Mut, and Khonsu would travel in a parade from the Temple of Karnak to Luxor.

What did kids do for fun?

Children were considered adults at a very young age in Ancient Egypt. While they were still children, however, they had fun playing games and swimming in the Nile River. Archeologists have found evidence of all sorts of kids toys such as rattles, toy lions, balls, and spinning tops.

Interesting Facts About Entertainment and Games in Ancient Egypt

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