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List of Wilderness Books

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A Girl Named Disaster
Nancy Farmer
Abel's Island
William Steig
Call of the Wild
Jack London
Gentle Ben
Walt Morey
Hatchet Series
Gary Paulsen
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Scott O'Dell
Kavik the Wolf Dog
Walt Morey
Little House Series
Laura Ingalls Wilder
My Side of the Mountain
Jean Craighead George
Save Queen of Sheba
Louise Moeri
Sign of the Beaver
Elizabeth George Speare
Slake's Limbo
Felice Holman
Snow Dog
Jim Kjelgaard
Stone Fox
John Reynolds Gardiner
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle 
The Whipping Boy
Sid Fleischman
Week in the Woods
White Fang
Jack London
Wild Trek
Jim Kjelgaard
Z for Zachariah
Robert O'Brien

Oh the great outdoors! Do you like to camp? Read stories of "roughing it?" Then there is a book on this list for you. The Hatchet Series by Gary Paulsen is probably the most well known on this list. The four books in this series tell the story of Brian Robeson who survives a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and what he has to do to survive. It is interesting to learn what Brian has to eat, how he learns to make fire, and also to make shelter. Brian's Winter is a sequel or alternate ending book to Hatchet. In the original Hatchet, spoiler alert - Brian gets home. In Brian's Winter, Paulsen explores what would have happened if he had not made it home.

The Little House on the Prairie Series is a great wilderness series for girls and boys alike. Even though the main character is a girl named Laura, a lot of the story tells of the challenges the settlers faced as they went west. It makes me appreciate the everyday luxuries we have today! I don't think I would have enjoyed being a pioneer, but of course I would not have known about air-conditioning and indoor plumbing!

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