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List of Sports Books

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Kathy Mackel
Cover Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl
John Feinstein
Dairy Queen
Catherine Murdock
Football Hero
Tim Green
Free Baseball
Sue Corbett
Front and Center
Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Walter Dean Myers
Great Moments in Baseball History
Matt Christopher
Great Moments in Football History
Matt Christopher
Mike Lupica
Jackie and Me
Dan Gutman
Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery
John Feinstein
Michael Jordan: Legends in Sports
Matt Christopher
Million Dollar Kick
Dan Gutman
Million Dollar Throw
Mike Lupica
On the Court with…Kobe Bryant
Matt Christopher
On the Field with…Alex Rodriguez
Matt Christopher
Over the Wall
John Ritter
Peach Street Mudder Series
Matt Christopher
Roland Smith
Peyton Manning: Leader
Tim Polzer
Safe at Home
Mike Lupica
Scholastic Ultimate Guide to Football
James Buckley Jr.
Shoeless Joe and Me
Dan Gutman
Slow Death
Daniel Joseph Farside
Stumptown Kid
Carol Gorman
The Batboy
Mike Lupica
The Boy Who Saved Baseball
John Ritter
The Great Quarterback Switch
Matt Christopher
The Home Run Trick
Scott Corbett
The Lucky Baseball Bat
Matt Christopher
The Story of Jackie Robinson
Margaret Davidson
Two Minute Drill
Mike Lupica

America loves sports. Whether playing them or watching them, Sports is a big part of American culture. You would guess right then when you thing that books about sports would be popular too. Even if a sport isn't your favorite thing, there is probably a book on this list that you would enjoy. Yes, books about sports do contain sports, but they also are sometimes great dramas, adventures and even mysteries.

One popular series on sports are the books by Matt Christopher. Matt Christopher has books about any sport you can imagine and they are stories of teamwork, determination and commitment. The detail in the books makes you feel like you are there. The sports books by Matt Christopher are popular with both boys and girls.

Another series you may enjoy is by Mike Lupica. Mike Lupica is a very popular sports writer for the New York Daily News and ESPN. He translates all of this knowledge into very good children's books about Sports. Many of Mike Lupica's stories involve the student athlete's home life. Like many students some of the situations at home affect how they perform in the classroom and on the field.

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