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The American Girl Retail store is the ultimate destination for your American Girl. The stores are located in the following United States Cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New York. Each store location offers some of the following services. Check out before your trip to plan to make the most of your visit.

American Girl Stores are obviously the place to see the merchandise that your American Girl has been looking at in the catalogs in person and to try on some American Girl fashions for herself. Store locations also offer T-shirts for the dolls and your daughter that have City locations printed on them. You can't buy an American Girl New York t-shirt in any catalog, only in the New York location.

Dining at the Café is available in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York only. This is a formal yet fun dining experience is available for you and your doll when you visit these three cities. Your doll will sit next to you in a special treat seat as you enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner, or an afternoon tea. Plan to celebrate a special occasion in the Café. Reservations are recommended.

The American Girl Bistro is an experience available in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and Minneapolis. The Bistro offers a more casual meal and dessert counter for you and your doll. Treat seats also put your doll right up to the table with you. Celebrate a special occasion in the Bistro. Reservations are recommended.

Special Packages are also available at the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York Stores only. There are two offered; Day at American Girl Place and Late Night at American Girl Place. A Day at American Girl place includes a meal in the Café, special souvenirs, and a sitting at the Photo Studio. This package includes everything girls love. The Late Night at American Girl Place is an after-hours party for you girl and her friends to enjoy. Girls shop without the crowds, get a new hairdo for their dolls and enjoy a delicious meal together. This is an extra-special way to celebrate important milestones like graduations, bat mitzvahs, and birthdays.

Three other types of parties are also available; Café Parties, Themed Parties, and Bistro Birthday Celebrations. Café Parties are available in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Café parties include a festive meal, cake and ice cream, goody bags, even doll tiaras! The Bistro parties are the same but offered at locations with Bistro's in them; Atlanta, Boston, Dallas and Minneapolis. The Themed birthday parties include a choice from one of four themes where even dolls get to participate. In a private room, a dedicated host guides girls in games and doll crafts. The party also includes a delicious meal, with cake and ice cream. Everyone receives a goody bag, and the Birthday girl enjoys a commemorative keepsake.

Doll hair salons are available at each location. Is your doll's hair a mess, or are you just looking for a professional up do? Prices range from $10 to $20 for hairstyles. Other options include pampering plus which when added to a hair style for $5 gets your doll a face scrub and decals for her fingernails. Ear piercing is available for $14 and includes a pair of silver star earrings and the classic silver earring collection.

The American Girl Photo Studio is available in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The photo o studio is available on a first come first served basis, reservations are not accepted. You can have your American Girl photographed as a cover girl for the American Girl Magazine. Photo packages range from $23 - $35 and are available the day of your visit only.

American Girl Dolls Store locations offer many other special events throughout the year where you can do crafts, meet a favorite author, or even take a cooking class. Check out the American Girl Website before you plan your trip.

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