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American Girl Books

American Girl Books are available for beginning readers as well as advice books for the pre-teens in your life. The American Girl Books have won many parenting awards and some have appeared on the best seller list of the New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, and USA Today. The character books capture the story of girls throughout history as well as modern times. Each book has lessons of courage, perseverance, and honesty that will help your American Girl with their own struggles and successes in life.

The American Girl Advice and Activity Books are inspired by themes from our American Girl Magazine. The variety includes everything from Arts and Crafts to Boys and The Body Book for Girls. The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls has sold over 2.8 million copies and is an excellent handbook for Mothers and Daughters to share during adolescence. The American Girl Doll Books are available at bookstores nationwide as well as through the American Girl Website.

American Girl Magazine

"You are great - just the way you are" is the theme of the American Girl Doll Magazine. Over 600,000 pre-teen girls read the magazine each month. Marketed for girls 8 and up, the magazine offers an alternative to the teen magazines. American Girl Magazine fosters creativity and self esteem during the critical pre-teen years. American Girl Magazine offers ideas for parties, games as well as advice on growing up, getting along with your friends, etc. American Girl Magazine is ranked among the top 10 magazine for children and is the number one magazine dedicated to girls. Annually there are 6 issues that are available for purchase at newsstands and bookstores as well as by subscription.

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