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Throughout the history of Ancient Rome, women were considered second to men. They had little official role in public life. Despite this, women played an important part in the culture and history of Ancient Rome.

Colorful drawing of Roman women
Women of Rome
Source: Costumes of All Nations by Albert Kretschmer
Women's Rights

Women had little official political power in Rome. They were not allowed to vote or hold political office. In general, they were not accepted into political debate or other areas of public life.

Unofficially, some women in Rome held power through their husbands or sons. Wives of senators, and even the emperors, advised their husbands and often had a significant influence on the government and the workings of Rome.

Women weren't completely without rights, however. They could own property and run businesses. Some women became very wealthy and held power through their wealth.


Once a woman was married, she had even fewer rights. The husband had all the legal rights when it came to the children. In the early years of Rome, the wife was actually considered the property of the husband. This changed around the time Rome became an empire in 27 BC.


Married women ran the Roman household. All aspects of home life were run and managed by the woman of the house. She was called the "materfamilias", which means "mother of the family."

Some women also held jobs outside the home. They worked a variety of jobs including merchants, wet nurses, midwives, scribes, and dancers.

Wealthy Women

As you might expect, wealthy women had a much better life than peasant women. They were often educated and taught to read and write. Once married, they had servants and slaves who did most of the hard work around the house. The wife managed the servants, but still had plenty of time for leisure and planning house parties.

Famous Roman Women
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