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What materials did they use?

Most of the clothing worn in Ancient Rome was made of wool. Wool was made throughout Italy and much of the Roman Empire both in the home and commercially. Sometimes clothes were made from rare materials such as linen from Egypt, cotton from India, and silk from China.

Did they use bright colors?

Men generally wore white or off-white colored clothing. There were certain colors or markings that showed the status of a man. Women wore white clothing until they were married. Once married, they wore clothing in a variety of colors.

Drawings of me dressed in Ancient Roman clothing
Men's Clothing in Ancient Rome
Source: Costumes of All Nations by Albert Kretschmer
Men's Clothing
Women's Clothing
Drawings of me dressed in Ancient Roman clothing
Women's Clothing in Ancient Rome
Source: Costumes of All Nations by Albert Kretschmer

Most Romans wore open sandals made from leather. Other types of shoes included closed boots called calcei and open shoes (sort of between a sandal and shoe) called crepida.


Hairstyles changed throughout the history of Ancient Rome. Typical artwork from the middle to late stages of the Roman Republic shows men having fairly short hair and being clean shaven. This changed somewhat during the Roman Empire when beards and curly hair were in fashion.

Women's hairstyles varied widely. Wealthy women had their hair curled, pinned into place, plaited in the back, or put into a bun. Hairstyles became much more elaborate during the peak of the Roman Empire.


Jewelry was mostly worn by women. Wealthy women wore a wide variety of jewelry including earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and bracelets. Men usually only wore rings.

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