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Roles of Women During the Revolutionary War

Most women during the Revolutionary War stayed home and took care of the farm or the family business while their husband was off at war. They had to learn new skills and take on extra work. Some women, however, took part directly in the war.

Betsy Ross Sewing

Betsy Ross
Source: U.S. Library of Congress
Nurses - Many women worked as nurses for the Continental Army. They assisted doctors and took care of the sick. This was a dangerous job as they were constantly exposed to the many diseases that were common in army hospitals.

Spies - Women also worked as spies. Officers from both sides tended to talk freely around women believing that they wouldn't understand military terms and strategy. This made women powerful spies who could gather top level information.

Camp Followers - Some women worked as camp followers during the war. They would follow the army camp and help take care of the soldiers: mending clothes, cooking meals, and cleaning up the camp.

Soldiers - Women were not allowed to serve as soldiers in the army, but this didn't stop some women from fighting. They disguised themselves as men and used fake names when enlisting. Some women served for quite a long time before being discovered.

Famous Women During the War
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History >> American Revolution

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