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National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day Apple
What does National Teacher Day celebrate?

National Teacher Day is a day to thank and honor our teachers for all the hard work they do.

When is National Teacher Day celebrated?

It is on Tuesday during the first full week of May, which is National Teacher Week.

Who celebrates this day?

This day is celebrated in the United States. Students and parents of students celebrate the day.

What do people do to celebrate?

Student and parents take the day to do something to let their teachers (past or present) know that they are appreciated. This could be anything such as a nice card, an email, a gift card, or a piece of chocolate. The important thing is that you let your teacher know how much you appreciate their hard work and patience.

Ideas for National Teacher Day History of National Teacher Day

It is thought that National Teacher Day was first proposed in 1944 by Arkansas teacher Mattye Woodridge. She first worked with local leaders and then wrote to the president's wife, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Finally, in 1953 Eleanor convinced Congress to declare a National Teacher Day.

It was years later until Congress once again declared a National Teacher Day on March 7, 1980. After that the day has been supported by the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA celebrated the day on March 7th until 1985 when they moved the day to the Tuesday of the first week in May.

Fun Facts About National Teacher Day
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