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1492 - Christopher Columbus makes his first voyage to the Americas.

1585 - The Roanoke Colony is founded. It will disappear and become known as the "Lost Colony."

1607 - The Jamestown Settlement is established.

1609 - Only 60 out of 500 settlers in Jamestown survive the winter of 1609-1610. It is called the "Starving Time."

1609 - Henry Hudson explores the northeast coast and the Hudson River.

1614 - Jamestown settler John Rolfe marries Pocahontas, the daughter of the Powhatan Indian chief.

1614 - The Dutch colony of New Netherland is established.

1619 - The first African slaves arrive in Jamestown. The first representative government, the Virginia House of Burgesses, meets at Jamestown.

1620 - Plymouth Colony is founded by the Pilgrims.

1626 - The Dutch purchase Manhattan Island from the local Native Americans.

1629 - A royal charter is issued for the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1630 - Puritans found the city of Boston.

1632 - Lord Calvert, the first Baron of Baltimore, is granted a charter for the Colony of Maryland.

1636 - Roger Williams begins the colony of Providence Plantation after being expelled from Massachusetts.

1636 - Thomas Hooker moves to Connecticut and establishes what will become the Connecticut Colony.

1637 - The Pequot War occurs in New England. The Pequot peoples are nearly wiped out.

1638 - New Sweden is founded along the Delaware River.

1639 - The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut describe the government of Connecticut. It is considered the first written Constitution of the Americas.

1655 - The Dutch take control of New Sweden.

1656 - The Quakers arrive in New England.

1663 - The Province of Carolina is created.

1664 - England captures the New Netherlands and names it the Province of New York. The city of New Amsterdam is renamed New York.

1670 - The city of Charlestown, South Carolina is founded.

1675 - King Philip's War begins between the colonists in New England and a group of Native American tribes including the Wampanoag people.

1676 - Bacon's Rebellion occurs. Settlers led by Nathanial Bacon rebel against Virginia Governor William Berkeley.

1681 - William Penn is granted the charter for the Province of Pennsylvania.

1682 - The city of Philadelphia is founded.

1690 - Spain begins to colonize the land of Texas.

1692 - The Salem witch trials begin in Massachusetts. Twenty people are executed for witchcraft.

1699 - The capital of Virginia moves from Jamestown to Williamsburg.

1701 - Delaware separates from Pennsylvania becoming a new colony.

1702 - The Colony of New Jersey is formed by the merging of East and West Jersey.

1702 - Queen Anne's War begins.

1712 - The Province of Carolina separates into North Carolina and South Carolina.

1718 - The city of New Orleans is founded by the French.

1732 - The Province of Georgia is formed by James Oglethorpe.

1733 - The first settlers arrive in Georgia.

1746 - The College of New Jersey is founded. It will later become Princeton University.

1752 - The Liberty Bell is cracked when it is first rung in testing. It was fixed by 1753.

1754 - The French and Indian War begins between the British colonists and the French. Both sides ally with various Indian tribes.

1763 - The British win the French and Indian War and gain a significant amount of territory in North America including Florida.

1765 - The British government passes the Stamp Act taxing the colonies. The Quartering Act is also passed allowing British troops to be housed in private homes.

1770 - The Boston Massacre occurs.

1773 - Bostonian colonists protest the Tea Act with the Boston Tea Party.

1774 - The First Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1775 - The Revolutionary War begins.

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