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How big was the Mayflower?

The Mayflower was around 106 feet long and 25 feet wide with a tonnage of 180. The deck of the Mayflower was about 80 feet long, similar to the length of a basketball court. The ship had three masts for holding sails including the fore-mast (front), the main-mast (in the middle), and the mizzen (back).

Details of the Mayflower ship
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Where did the passengers sleep?

You can see in the diagram above the different compartments on the Mayflower. The passengers slept and lived in the "between decks" area. This area is also called the gun deck. Major areas on the ship included:
What route did the Mayflower take?

The Mayflower and the Speedwell originally left Southampton, England on August 4, 1620. However, they had to stop in Dartmouth because the Speedwell was leaking. They left Dartmouth on August 21, but once again the Speedwell started leaking and they stopped in Plymouth, England. At Plymouth they decided to leave the Speedwell behind and crowded as many passengers as they could on the Mayflower. They left Plymouth on September 6, 1620.

From Plymouth, England the Mayflower set out west across the Atlantic Ocean. The original destination had been Virginia, but storms moved the ship off course. Over two months after leaving Plymouth, the Mayflower spotted Cape Cod on November 9, 1620. Although they were north of where they originally had planned to settle, the Pilgrims decide to stay.

The Mayflower ship arriving
Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor by William Halsall
What was it like on the Mayflower?

Traveling as a passenger on the Mayflower was very difficult and scary. The 102 passengers were crammed into a fairly small space. There weren't any bathrooms, running water, or fresh air. It probably smelt awful. When the weather was bad, the passengers had to stay below for days, getting thrashed around by the waves and wondering if the ship would make it through the storm.

What did the passengers do?

While the crew was constantly busy taking care of the ship, many of the passengers were probably pretty bored. They had to prepare and cook their meals, mend their clothes, and take care of the sick. Many of the passengers were seasick for much of the trip. The children probably made up games to play to pass the time and the religious Separatists gathered together and prayed a lot.

How big of a crew did the Mayflower have?

There were likely around 25 to 30 crew members of the Mayflower. They included the Captain (Christopher Jones), a number of Masters Mates, a surgeon, a cooper (to maintain the ship's barrels), a cook, four quartermasters (responsible for the ship's cargo), a master gunner, a boatswain (in charge of the sails and rigging), a carpenter, and a number of crewman.

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