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Colonial America

Men's Clothing

Men during colonial times dressed differently than we do today. The clothing they wore everyday would be considered hot, heavy, and uncomfortable for us today.

Typical Men's Clothing Items

Here is what a typical man would wear during colonial times. The materials and quality of the items worn would depend on how rich the man was.
Clothing of a colonial man with labels
A Colonial Man by Ducksters
Other Items

Some items of clothing were mostly worn by the rich or people in certain professions. Here are a few examples:
Colonial era man wearing powdered wig
Powdered Wig
Wigs and Hats

Colonial men often wore wigs and hats. Wigs became very popular during the 1700s. Wealthy men would sometimes wear giant wigs with long hair and curls. They would powder the wigs to give them a white color. Many men also wore hats. The most popular type of hat was the tricorne hat which was folded up on three sides to make it easier to carry.

Interesting Facts about Men's Clothing in Colonial Times
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History >> Colonial America

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