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Numbers and colors had great meaning and played an important role in the culture of Ancient China. Some were considered lucky, while others were considered unlucky and should be avoided. Some were so special they were reserved for the emperor alone.


Numbers were important to the Ancient Chinese. They often used lucky numbers in their buildings and designs, while avoiding unlucky numbers.

Lucky Numbers The numbers six and seven are also considered lucky.

Unlucky Numbers Colors

There are five primary Chinese colors: red, black, green, white, and yellow. Interesting Facts about Chinese Numbers and Colors

For more information on the civilization of Ancient China:

Timeline of Ancient China
Geography of Ancient China
Silk Road
The Great Wall
Forbidden City
Terracotta Army
The Grand Canal
Battle of Red Cliffs
Opium Wars
Inventions of Ancient China
Glossary and Terms

Major Dynasties
Xia Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Period of Disunion
Sui Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Song Dyanasty
Yuan Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Qing Dynasty

Daily Life in Ancient China
Numbers and Colors
Legend of Silk
Chinese Calendar
Civil Service
Chinese Art
Entertainment and Games

Kangxi Emperor
Genghis Khan
Kublai Khan
Marco Polo
Puyi (The Last Emperor)
Emperor Qin
Emperor Taizong
Sun Tzu
Empress Wu
Zheng He
Emperors of China

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