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Money Math

Practice Problems

Below are some example money math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Dollars and Cents to Decimals

One of the first things to do with money math is to convert dollars and cents to decimal values.

The numbers to left of the decimal point are the dollars and to the right are the cents. Remember there are 100 cents in every dollar. When adding cents, each 100 cents should be converted to one dollar.

Example Problem 1

Write each of the following in decimal form:

a) Five dollars and twenty-five cents

Answer: $5.25

b) One hundred thirty three dollars and twelve cents

Answer: $133.12

c) 8 dollars and 7 cents

Answer: $8.07

d) 2 dollars and 498 cents

Answer: $6.98

(This was a trick question. You need to take the 400 cents and convert that to 4 dollars.)

Adding and Subtracting

Example Problem 2

Add or subtract the following money amounts:

a) $42.75 + $23.12


+ 23.12

b)$25.05 + $99.99


+ 99.99

c)$867.55 - $423.71


- 423.71


Multiply the following money amounts:

a) $33.15 x 10


 x 10

b)$13.75 x 2


 x 2


When dividing money, you can't really have a fraction of a cent. In most cases you would round up to the nearest cent. In the examples below we have worked them out so they divide to a full cent.

Divide the following money amounts:

a) $100 ÷ 4

Answer: $25

b)$24.50 ÷ 2

Answer: $12.25

To do this answer in your head first divide the dollars in half (24 divided by 2 is 12) then divide the cents in half (50 cents divided by 2 is 25). You get 12 dollars and 25 cents or $12.25.

Tips for Doing Money Math

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Note: This information is not to be used for individual legal, tax, or investment advice. You should always contact a professional financial or tax advisor before making financial decisions.
Math >> Money and Finance

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