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Arbor Day

Tree on the side of a mountain
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What does Arbor Day celebrate?

Arbor Day celebrates trees. It is a day to plant new trees as well as to bring awareness to help conserve and protect existing trees and forests.

When is Arbor Day celebrated?

In the United States Arbor Day is on the last Friday in April. Some states, however, celebrate their own Arbor Day on a different date. This is often because their planting season for trees is different. For example, Arbor Day in Alaska is on the third Monday in May.

Arbor Day Dates Who celebrates this day?

The day is celebrated in the United States. Many other countries have similar days. It is a state holiday in Nebraska.

What do people do to celebrate?

The main thing people do is plant trees on Arbor Day. People may plant trees in their yard or take part in a larger volunteer project to plant trees on a wide scale. Other ways to celebrate include giving a donation to help save the rainforest, educating others about the importance of trees, and participating in a recycling program to help protect trees.

Many schools and libraries have programs to educate students about trees on this day. There are many ways that trees improve our lives. They offer shade, they get rid of carbon dioxide, they can reduce noise in the city, the grow fruit and nuts for us to eat, and they are beautiful.

Arbor Day Activities History of Arbor Day

The first Arbor Day was on April 10, 1872 in the state of Nebraska. The idea came from Julius Morton who thought that trees were needed in Nebraska for wind breaks, to stabilize the soil, and for shade. He planted many trees around his farm and encouraged other farmers to do the same. When Morton became a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture he proposed the idea of Arbor Day, a day when people would plant trees throughout the state of Nebraska. The day was approved and around 1 million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day.

In 1885 the day became a legal holiday in Nebraska. They moved the day to April 22 in honor of Morton's birthday. The day soon spread throughout many of the states. In 1970 President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday of April as national Arbor day.

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