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This year in History: Born in 2005 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 2005


January 26   Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State

October 19   Legendary Busch Memorial Stadium is closed and destroyed.

November 13   A missed field goal return of 108 yards becomes the longest play in NFL history.

November 22   The Xbox 360 is released in North America.

December 2   Microsoft's Xbox 360 is launched in Europe.

February 16   The National Hockey League cancels the entire 2004-2005 regular season

May 13   The final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise airs on TV.

May 19   Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is released

June 13   The movie Rugrats Go Wild is released.

June 14   Asafa Powell from Jamaica sets a new 100m world record of 9.77 seconds.

June 22   The movie Herbie: Fully Loaded is released.

July 15   Disneyland e-opens"" Space Mountain."

July 15   Jack Nicklaus plays his last hole of competitive golf

July 19   Death Valley, California records a record high temperature of 53.9??C (129??F).

July 24   Lance Armstrong wins a record 7th Tour de France.

July 29   Astronomers announce the discovery of a 10th planet, 2003 UB313.

August 7   Peter Jennings, ABC news anchor, dies of cancer.

August 10   After playing 49 straight hours of the video game Starcraft, Lee Seung Seop dies from exhaustion.

August 29   Hurricane Katrina hits land and begins to devastate much of the U.S. Gulf Coast

September 7   Egypt holds its first presidential election

September 11   Israel ends its military rule in the Gaza Strip after 38 years of occupation.

March 24   The PlayStation portable is released

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