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This year in History: Born in 1997 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1997


January 23   Madeleine Albright becomes the first female US Secretary of State

November 13   Lion King the musical opens in New York City.

November 27   Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions becomes the NFL's 2nd all-time leading rusher

December 19   The movie Titanic is released. It will be the largest grossing movie for 12 years. Avatar surpasses it.

March 10   Buffy the Vampire Slayer premieres.

April 13   Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win golf's Masters Tournament

May 2   Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

May 11   IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer defeats Garry Kasparov in chess, becoming the first computer to beat a world-champion chess player.

May 12   The Angels score 13 runs in a single baseball inning.

June 21   The WNBA plays it's first basketball game.

June 26   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is first published.

June 30   China gains sovereignty over the Hong Kong from Britain.

August 31   Princess Diana of Wales, dies in a car crash in Paris.

September 5   Mother Teresa, Nobel Peace Prize winner, dies.

Famous Birthdays:

February 10   Chloe Moretz (Child Actress)

April 1   Asa Butterfield (Child actor from Hugo)

October 8   Bella Thorne (Actress Shake it Up!)


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