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This year in History: Born in 1989 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1989


October 15   Wayne Gretzky becomes the all time leading points scorer in the NHL.

December 17   The first episode of The Simpsons airs on television.

February 2   Soviet occupation of Afghanistan ends

April 26   Lucille Ball, of I Love Lucy fame, dies.

June 23   The movie Batman is released.

August 22   Nolan Ryan gets his 5,000th strike out.

Famous Birthdays:

February 21   Corbin Bleu (Actor - High School Musical)

March 5   Jake Llyod (Actor)

March 5   Sterling Night (Actor - So Random! on Disney Channel)

March 16   Blake Griffin (NBA Basketball player)

May 5   Chris Brown (Singer)

May 11   Cam Newton (Football player)

June 2   Freddie Adu (Soccer Player)

June 11   Maya Moore (Basketball player)

July 11   David Henrie (Actor - Wizards of Waverly Place)

July 23   Daniel Radcliffe (Actor - Harry Potter)

August 15   Joe Jonas (Singer and Actor)

August 21   Hayden Panettiere (Actress)

September 12   Andrew Luck (Football player)

September 13   Thomas Muller (German footballer)

September 14   Jesse James (Actor)

October 11   Michelle Wie (Golfer)

December 13   Taylor Swift (Singer)

December 18   Ashley Benson (Actress)

December 22   Jordan Sparks (Singer - American Idol winner)


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