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This year in History: Born in 1986 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1986


January 20   Martin Luther King, Jr., day was celebrated as a federal holiday for the first time.

December 23   The Voyager becomes the first aircraft to fly non-stop around the world.

February 19   The Soviet Union launches the Mir space station.

April 8   Clint Eastwood is elected mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

April 13   Jack Nicklaus wins his sixth Masters Tournament

April 21   Geraldo Rivera opens Al Capone's vault on live television and finds nothing.

May 25   Hands Across America took place.

Famous Birthdays:

January 16   Mason Gamble (Actor)

January 24   Mischa Barton (Actress)

February 15   Amber Riley (Actress on Glee)

February 21   Charlotte Church (Opera singer)

March 4   Margo Harshman (Actress)

March 28   Lady Gaga (Singer)

April 2   Lee DeWyze (Singer and American Idol winner)

April 3   Amanda Bynes (Actress)

May 13   Robert Pattinson (Actor from Twilight)

June 3   Rafael Nadal (Tennis player)

June 11   Shia LaBeouf (Actor)

June 13   Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen (Actress)

June 24   Solange Knowles (Singer)

June 27   Drake Bell (Actor from Drake and Josh)

June 28   Kellie Pickler (Country singer and American Idol contestant)

July 2   Lindsay Lohan (Actress)

August 21   Usain Bolt (Sprinter)

August 29   Lea Michele (Actress)

September 3   Shaun White ( Olympic Snowboarder)

September 5   Colt McCoy (NFL Football player)

September 12   Emmy Rosum (Actress)

September 16   Kyla Pratt (Disney Channel Actor)

November 3   Jasmine Trias (American Idol Contestant)

November 10   Josh Peck (Nickelodian Actor from Drake and Josh)

November 11   Mark Sanchez (NFL Quarterback)

December 1   DeSean Jackson (NFL Football player)


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