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This year in History: Born in 1982 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1982


October 1   EPCOT Center opens at Walt Disney World

November 20   Andy Kaufman is voted off of Saturday Night Live with a live phone poll.

December 2   The first person receives a permanent artificial heart.

December 26   TIME magazine's Man of the Year is the personal computer.

March 5   John Belushi, of SNL fame, dies.

March 10   All 9 planets of the Solar System align on the same side of the Sun.

July 7   Steve Scott runs the mile in a record 3:47.69

July 23   The International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling

August 18   Pete Rose sets MLB record with his 13,941st plate appearance.

August 21   Rollie Fingers becomes 1st pitcher to get 300 saves.

September 19   The first record of someone using the emoticon??:-) to an online bulletin board.

Famous Birthdays:

January 9   Kate Middleton (Married to the Prince of Wales)

February 26   Li Na (Tennis player)

March 3   Jessica Biel (Actress)

March 4   Landon Donovan (Soccer Player)

March 11   Thora Birch (Actress)

March 24   Cory Hart (Baseball player)

March 25   Danica Patrick (Race car driver)

April 15   Seth Rogen (Actor)

April 24   Kelly Clarkson (Singer and American Idol winner)

April 30   Kirsten Dunst (Actress)

May 20   David Cook (Singer - American Idol winner)

May 22   Apollo Anton Ohno (Olympic speed skater)

June 1   Justine Henin (Tennis player)

June 10   Tara Lipinski (Figure Skater)

June 21   Prince William (Heir to the British throne)

July 8   Sophia Bush (Actress)

July 24   Anna Paquin (Actress)

July 25   Brad Renfro (Actor)

July 31   DeMarcus Ware (Football Player)

August 2   Grady Sizemore (Baseball player)

August 9   Tyson Gay (Sprinter)

August 13   Shani Davis (Speed Skater)

August 23   Natalie Coughlin (Swimmer)

August 28   LeAnn Rimes (Country Singer)

August 30   Andy Roddick (Tennis Player)

September 21   Danny Kass (Snowboarder)

September 24   Paul and Morgan Hamm (Olympic Gymnasts)

September 27   Lil Wayne (Rapper)

September 28   Emeka Okafor (Basketball Player)

October 22   Heath Miller (Football Player)

November 12   Anne Hathaway (Actress)

November 16   Amare Stoudemire (NBA basketball player)

November 30   Elisha Cuthbert (Actress)

December 6   Ryan Carnes (Actor)

December 20   David Wright (Baseball Player)

December 20   David Cook (American Idol winner)

December 28   Cedric Benson (Football Player)

December 30   Kristen Kreuk (Actress - TV's Smallwood)


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