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This year in History: Born in 1980 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1980


November 4   Ronald Reagan defeats incumbent US President Jimmy Carter by a wide margin.

December 8   Beatle John Lennon is killed in New York City.

February 22   The "Miracle on Ice" occurs when the US defeats Russia in hockey.

March 21   J.R. Ewing is shot on Dallas leading to the catchphrase "Who Shot JR?"

May 18   Mount St. Helens volcano erupts in Washington

May 21   Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back opens in theaters

June 1   The Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting.

August 31   Poland forms the Solidarity trade union.

September 22   Iran is invaded by Iraq.

Famous Birthdays:

January 15   Matt Holliday (MLB Baseball Player)

January 16   Albert Pujols (Baseball Player)

January 28   Nick Carter (Singer NSYNC)

February 11   Matt Lawrence (Actor)

February 12   Christina Ricci (Actress)

February 27   Chelsea Clinton (Daughter of President Clinton)

February 28   Tayshaun Prince (NBA basketball player)

March 21   Ronaldinho (Brazilian footballer)

April 11   Mark Teixeira (Baseball player)

April 21   Tony Romo (NFL Quarterback)

May 30   Steven Gerrard (Soccer player)

June 17   Venus Williams (Tennis Player)

June 18   Antonio Gates (NFL Football player)

June 26   Michael Vick (Football Player)

July 7   Michelle Kwan (Figure Skater)

July 10   Jessica Simpson (Singer)

July 18   Kristen Bell (Actress)

July 20   Gisele Bundchen (Model)

August 12   Maggie Lawson (Actress plays Juliet on Psych)

August 16   Vanessa Carlton (Singer)

August 26   McCaulay Culkin (Actor from Home Alone)

August 26   Chris Pine (Actor)

September 12   Yao Ming (Basketball Player)

September 13   Ben Savage (Actor - Boys Meets World)

September 30   Martina Hingis (Tennis Player)

October 1   Anquon Boldin (Football Player)

October 5   Paul Thomas (Musician - Good Charlotte)

October 13   Ashanti (Singer)

October 21   Kim Kardashian (Reality TV Star)

October 29   Ben Foster (Actor - X-Men Movies)

November 12   Ryan Gosling (Actor)

November 15   Ace Young (American Idol Finalist)

November 17   Isaac Hanson (Singer from Hanson)

November 18   Denny Hamlin (NASCAR race driver)

December 3   Anna Chlumsky (Actress - Film My Girl)

December 18   Christina Aguilera (Singer)

December 19   Marla Sokolof (Actress)

December 19   Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor)

December 30   Eliza Dushku (Actress)


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