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This year in History: Born in 1976 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1976


December 18   Wonder Woman debuts on ABC

April 1   Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

May 13   The ABA plays it's final basketball game.

July 18   Nadia Comanici scores the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics.

August 8   Boston, by the rock band Boston is released. It will become the #1 best-selling debut album to date.

August 13   International lefthanders day is first celebrated.

September 17   The first Space Shuttle, The Enterprise, is presented by NASA

Famous Birthdays:

February 15   Brandon Boyd (Singer)

February 29   Ja Rule (Rapper)

March 8   Freddie Prinz Jr. (Actor)

March 22   Reese Witherspoon (Actress)

March 23   Keri Russell (Actress)

March 24   Peyton Manning (Football Player)

March 29   Jennifer Capriati (Tennis Player)

March 31   Colin Farrell (Actor)

April 18   Melissa Joan Hart (Actress)

April 20   Joey Lawrence (Actor)

May 19   Kevin Garnett (Basketball Player)

May 31   Colin Farrell (Actor)

July 1   Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Soccer player)

July 3   Andrea Barber (Actress)

July 9   Fred Savage (Actor)

August 8   Drew Lachey (Singer)

August 8   JC Chasez (Singer)

August 27   Sarah Chalke (Actress from Scrubs)

September 7   Shannon Elizabeth (Actor)

September 18   Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer)

October 3   Seann William Scott (Actor)

October 4   Alicia Silverstone (Actress)

October 7   Taylor Hicks (American Idol Winner)

October 23   Ryan Reynolds (Actor)

November 6   Pat Tillman (NFL player and Army Ranger)

November 20   Dominique Dawes (Gymnast)

November 24   Lu Chen (Figure Skater)

November 25   Donovan McNabb (NFL Quarterback)

November 27   Jaleel White (TV's Urkel from Family Matters)

November 29   Anna Faris (Actress)

December 5   Amy Acker (Actress)

December 20   Aubrey Huff (Baseball Player)

December 23   Brad Lidge (Baseball player)


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