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This year in History: Born in 1974 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1974


January 2   The maximum US speed limit is reduced to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline

January 15   Happy Days premieres on ABC.

October 30   Muhammad Ali knocks out George Foreman in "The Rumble in the Jungle."

February 27   People magazine is published for the first time.

March 29   Mariner 10 becomes the first spaceprobe to fly by Mercury.

April 4   Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's home run record of 714

April 8   Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run passing Babe Ruth as the all time home run leader

June 27   US President Richard Nixon visits the USSR

August 8   U.S. President Richard Nixon announces his resignation.

August 14   The last United States troops leave Vietnam

Famous Birthdays:

January 16   Kate Moss (Model)

January 23   Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (Actress)

January 30   Christian Bale (Actor)

February 8   Seth Green (Actor)

February 17   Bryan White (Singer)

March 5   Eva Mendes (Actress)

March 7   Jenna Fisher (Actress plays Pam on The Office)

March 24   Alyson Hannigan (Actress)

April 17   Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice (Singer)

April 28   Penelope Cruz (Actress)

May 23   Jewel (Singer)

May 23   Ken Jennings ($2.5 million winner on Jeopardy)

May 27   Danny Wuerffel (Football Player)

June 1   Alanis Morissette (Singer)

June 12   Jason Mewes (Actor)

June 26   Derek Jeter (Baseball Player)

July 30   Hilary Swank (Actress)

September 10   Ryan Phillipe (Actor)

September 17   Rasheed Wallace (Basketball Player)

September 19   Jimmy Fallon (Actor)

October 2   Paul Teutul Jr. (American Chopper Actor)

October 10   Dale Ernhardt Jr. (Nascar Driver)

October 28   Joakin Phoenix (Actor)

October 28   Terrell Davis (Football Player)

November 2   Nelly (Rapper)

November 5   Jerry Stackhouse (NBA Player)

November 11   Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor)

November 18   Chloe Sevigny (Actress)

December 19   Jake Plummer (NFL Quarterback)

December 24   Ryan Seacrest (American Idol Host)

December 30   Tiger Woods (Professional Golfer)


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