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This year in History: Born in 1972 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1972


January 5   NASA announces the development of the space shuttle

November 14   The Dow Jones Industrial average closes above 1000 for the first time.

December 16   Miami Dolphins become the 1st NFL team to go undefeated.

December 23   The famous football play, the Immaculate Reception, takes place when Franco Harris scores a touchdown on a pass thrown by Terry Bradshaw

February 16   Wilt Chamberlain scores 30,000th NBA point

March 8   First flight of the Goodyear blimp

March 19   India and Bangladesh sign a friendship treaty.

April 3   The first ever Mobile phone call is placed

May 26   The United States and the Soviet Union sign the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

August 28   Mark Spitz gets his first of seven Olympic gold medals in swimming.

September 1   Bobby Fischer becomes the world chess champion by beating Russian Boris Spassky.

September 4   Mark Spitz wins his seventh swimming gold medal. He is the first Olympian to win seven gold medals.

September 10   Russia hands the United States its first Olympic basketball game loss.

Famous Birthdays:

February 14   Drew Bledsoe (Football Player)

February 17   Denise Richards (Actress)

February 26   Erykah Badu (Singer)

February 29   Antonio Sabato Jr. (Actor)

March 6   Shaquille O'Neal (Basketball Player)

March 15   Mark Hoppus (Singer)

March 15   Mike Tomlin (NFL Head Coach)

March 17   Mia Hamm (Soccer Player)

March 18   Dane Cook (Comedian)

March 22   Elvis Stajko (Figure Skater)

April 17   Jennifer Garner (Actress)

April 20   Carmen Electra (Actress)

April 24   Chipper Jones (Baseball player)

May 2   The Rock Dwayne Johnson (Wrestler and Actor)

May 20   Busta Rhymes (Rapper)

May 21   Notorious BIG (Rapper)

June 2   Wayne Brady (Comedian and entertainer)

June 8   Lindsay Davenport (Tennis Player)

June 23   Selma Blair (Actress)

July 12   Travis Best (Basketball Player)

July 22   Keyshawn Johnson (Football Player)

July 29   Will Wheaton (Actor)

August 6   Geri Halliwell (Singer)

August 10   Angie Harmon (Actress)

August 15   Ben Affleck (Actor)

August 30   Cameron Diaz (Actress)

August 31   Chris Tucker (Actor)

September 27   Gweneth Paltrow (Actress)

October 5   Grant Hill (Basketball Player)

October 17   Eminem (Rapper)

October 29   Gabrielle Union (Actress)

November 1   Jenny McCarthy (Actress)

November 1   Toni Collette (Actress)

November 6   Rebecca Romijn (Actress - X-Men)

November 29   Jamal Mashburn (Basketball Player)

December 15   Stuart Townsend (Actor)

December 19   Alyssa Milano (Actress)

December 29   Jude Law (Actor)


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