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This year in History: Born in 1970 and fun news items.

This year in History

The year 1970


January 15   Muammar al-Qaddafi is proclaimed premier of Libya.

October 5   Start of the public television network PBS

October 10   Fiji gains its independence

October 16   Anwar Sadat is elected President of Egypt

November 17   The computer mouse is patented by Douglas Engelbart.

February 24   National Public Radio (NPR) is founded.

April 10   Paul McCartney announces that The Beatles have broken up.

April 11   Apollo 13 is launched.

April 22   First Earth Day celebrated.

May 12   Ernie Banks becomes the ninth member of the 500 home run club

May 15   The Beatles' last LP, Let It Be, is released

August 17   Venera 7 is launched for Venus. It will later becomes the first spacecraft to successfully transmit from the surface of another planet.

September 18   Guitarist Jimi Hendrix dies of an overdose of sleeping pills.

September 21   Monday Night Football first airs on TV.

September 25   The first episode of the TV show the Partridge Family airs.

Famous Birthdays:

January 29   Heather Graham (Actress)

March 18   Queen Latifah (Singer and Actress)

March 24   Mase (Rapper)

March 27   Mariah Carey (Singer)

March 28   Vince Vaughn (Actor)

April 13   Ricky Schroder (Actor)

April 25   Jason Lee (Actor)

April 29   Andre Agassi (Tennis Player)

April 29   Master P (Rapper)

April 29   Uma Thurman (Actress)

May 18   Tina Fey (Comedianne and actress on 30 Rock)

May 22   Naomi Campbell (Model)

May 25   Jaime Kennedy (Actor)

May 27   Joseph Fiennes (Actor)

June 16   Phil Mickelson (Golfer)

June 26   Chris O'Donnell (Actor)

August 6   M. Night Shyamalan (Director)

August 9   Rod Brind'Amour (Hockey Player)

August 17   Jim Courier (Tennis Player)

August 18   Malcom-Jamal Warner (Actor was Theo on the Cosby Show)

August 20   Fred Durst (Singer)

August 23   Jay Mohr (Actor)

August 23   River Phoenix (Actor)

August 25   Claudia Schiffer (Model)

August 27   Jim Thome (Baseball Player)

August 31   Deborah Gibson (Singer)

September 7   Evan Rachel Wood (Actor)

September 8   Latrell Spreewell (Basketball Player)

October 2   Kelly Rippa (TV Star)

October 8   Matt Damon (Actor)

October 9   Annika Sorenstam (Golfer)

October 12   Kirk Cameron (Actor - TV's Growing Pains)

October 19   Chris Kattan (Actor SNL)

November 6   Ethan Hawke (Actor)

November 7   Andy Houston (Nascar Driver)

November 9   Chris Jericho (Wrestler)

November 12   Tonya Harding (Figure Skater)

November 16   Marth Plimpton (Actress)

December 12   Jennifer Connelly (Actress)

December 29   Kevin Weisman (Actor - TV's Alias)


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