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Today in History

September 14


1752   The British Empire adopts the Gregorian calendar. They miss eleven days from 9/2 to 9/14

1901   President William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt. He is succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.

1948   The building of the United Nations headquarters in New York City begins. Cornerstone was laid October 24, 1949.

1959   The first man-made object reaches the moon when the Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes into it.

2001   The Nintendo Gamecube is released in Japan.

Famous Birthdays:

1965   Dmitry Medvedev (Russian President)

1969   Tyler Perry (Playwright)

1971   Kimberly Williams (Actor)

1973   NAS (Rapper)

1983   Amy Winehouse (Singer)

1984   Adam Lamberg (Actor on Lizzie McGuire)

1989   Jesse James (Actor)

Today in History Archive:

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