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Today in History

September 13


1922   The temperature in the shade at Al 'Aziziyah, Libya reaches a world record of 136.4 ?F

1943   The Republic of China elects Chiang Kai-shek as president.

1965   Willie Mays hits his 500th home run.

1988   Hurricane Gilbert becomes the strongest recorded hurricane to date.

1814   The Star-Spangled Banner is written by Francis Scott Key

Famous Birthdays:

1857   Milton Hershey (Chocolate company founder)

1860   John J. Pershing (US General in WWI)

1916   Roald Dahl (Author wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

1967   Michael Johnson (Track Athlete)

1971   Stella McCartney (Fashion Designer)

1977   Fionna Apple (Singer)

1980   Ben Savage (Actor - Boys Meets World)

1989   Thomas Muller (German footballer)

Today in History Archive:

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