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Today in History

October 7


1542   Explorer Cabrillo first finds Catalina Island off California coast.

1769   Captain Cook, an English explorer, discovers New Zealand.

1916   In the most lopsided victory in American college football, Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland University 222-0.

1942   The establishment of the United Nations War Crimes Commission is made by Britain and the US.

1951   The third government of Israeli is formed by David Ben-Gurion.

1984   NFL running back Walter Payton breaks Jim Brown's career rushing record.

1996   The Fox News Channel is introduced.

2003   California governor Gray Davis is recalled from office and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Famous Birthdays:

1885   Niels Bohr (Scientist)

1931   Bishop Desmond Tutu (South African Leader)

1952   Vladimir Putin (Russian President)

1955   Yo Yo Ma (Cellist)

1959   Simon Cowell (American Idol Judge)

1968   Toni Braxton (Singer)

1976   Taylor Hicks (American Idol Winner)

1979   Shawn Ashmore (Actor - X-Men)

Today in History Archive:

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