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Glossary and Terms

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Adobe - A sun-hardened clay building material made from straw, dirt, and water. It was used by the Pueblo peoples to make their homes.

Algonquian tribes - A large group of tribes in the northern United States that speak the Algonquian language.

Buckskin - Soft leather usually made from the skin of a deer, elk, or moose.

Canoe - A narrow boat with pointed ends that is propelled by paddles.

Chickee - A dwelling built by the Seminole Indians in Florida with a raised floor, thatched roof, and open sides.

Cradleboard - A frame which a baby is attached to by using blankets. It is used to protect the baby while it is being carried around.

Ghost Dance - A religious movement that prophesied an end to the expansion of the white man.

Hides - Animal skins.

Hogan - A Navajo dwelling built with a log frame and covered with packed mud.

Igloo - A home build by the Inuit of the Arctic built from blocks of ice and snow.

Iroquois tribes - A league of several nations of Native Americans located in the northeastern United States.

Kachina - A spirit of an ancestor or nature. They were often represented by dolls called kachina dolls.

Kiva - An underground ceremonial room used by the Pueblo for religious ceremonies and meetings.

Lacrosse - A team sport using sticks with nets on the end to pass around a ball. It was first played by Indians in North America.

Maize - The main crop of many of the original Native American tribes. Maize is a grain and is the Indian name for corn.

Moccasins - Shoes made from soft leather.

Medicine man - A religious or spiritual leader.

Potlatch - A festival celebrated by Indians in the northwest United States and Canada where gifts were exchanged.

Powwow - A ceremony or meeting among Native American Indians.

Pueblo - A village of multistoried buildings made from stones covered with adobe clay. Sometimes they were built into the side of a cliff.

Reservation - An area of land set aside by the United States government that is managed by a Native American tribe.

Roach - A headdress worn by many Native American men made from stiff animal hair that stood strait up from the head. It was sometimes called a porcupine roach.

Teepee - A home made from long polls covered with buffalo hide. It took the shape of an upside down cone. Teepees were portable homes used by the plains Indians.

Tomahawk - A small axe similar to a hatchet used both as a tool and a weapon.

Totem pole - A tall wooden post carved with symbols.

Travois - A sled made from long poles that trailed behind dogs or horses used to carry belongings when moving.

Tribe - A group of families that have a common language, culture, and religion.

Vision quest - A rite of passage ceremony where the person seeks to find spiritual guidance and their life purpose.

Wampum - Beads made from shells that were sometimes used as money.

Wigwam - A dome shaped home made from wooden poles covered with bark.

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History >> Native Americans for Kids

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