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May 10


1869   The First Transcontinental Railroad, connecting the eastern and western USA, is completed.

1872   Victoria Woodhull is the first woman nominated for President of the US

1908   Mother's Day is observed for the first time.

1924   J. Edgar Hoover becomes Director of the FBI.

1940   Winston Churchill is appointed Prime Minister of the UK.

1954   Rock Around the Clock"" is released. It will be the first rock and roll record to reach number one on the charts."

Famous Birthdays:

214   Claudius II (Roman Emperor)

1899   Fred Astaire (Dancer and Actor)

1838   John Wilkes Booth (Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln)

1957   Sid Vicious (Singer)

1957   Phil and Steve Mahre (Twin olympic skiers)

1960   Bono (Singer for U2)

1977   Amanda Borden (Gymnast)

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