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July 24


1567   King James VI becomes king of Scotland at the age of 1.

1783   Simon Bolivar, El Liberator, is celebrated in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela.

1832   The first wagon train makes it across the Rocky Mountains led by Benjamin Bonneville.

1969   Apollo 11, the first space mission to put a man on the moon, splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean.

1979   Carl Yastrzemski hits his 400th career home run at Fenway Park.

2005   Lance Armstrong wins a record 7th Tour de France.

Famous Birthdays:

1783   Simon Bolivar (South American liberator)

1802   Alexandre Dumas (Author of The Three Musketeers)

1897   Amelia Earhart (Pilot)

1949   Michael Richards (Actor played Kramer on Seinfeld)

1951   Lynda Carter (Actress played Wonder Woman)

1964   Barry Bonds (Baseball Player)

1969   Jennifer Lopez (Singer / Actress)

1969   Rick Fox (Basketball Player)

1982   Anna Paquin (Actress)

Today in History Archive:

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