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July 18


1938   Wrongway"" Corrigan lands his plane in Ireland (he was supposed to land in California)"

1968   The chip processor company Intel is founded.

1976   Nadia Comanici scores the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics.

1999   David Cone pitches a perfect game for the New York Yankees.

Famous Birthdays:

1635   Robert Hooke (Scientist)

1895   George Kelly (Gangster nicknamed Machine Gun)

1913   Red Skelton (Comedian)

1918   Nelson Mandela (Civil Rights Leader)

1921   John Glenn (Astronaut and US Senator)

1940   Joe Torre (Baseball Manager)

1947   Steve Forbes (Entrepreneur)

1957   Nick Faldo (Golfer)

1967   Vin Diesel (Actor)

1980   Kristen Bell (Actress)

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