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January 17


1773   Captain James Cook becomes the first explorer to cross the Antarctic Circle.

1819   Simon Bolivar proclaims the Republic of Colombia.

1916   The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) is formed.

1917   The United States buys the Virgin Islands.

1973   Ferdinand Marcos becomes President for Life"" of the Philippines."

Famous Birthdays:

1706   Benjamin Franklin (US Founding father)

1863   David Lloyd George (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)

1820   Anne Bronte (Author)

1899   Al Capone (Gangster)

1931   James Earl Jones (Actor)

1942   Muhammed Ali (Boxer)

1949   Andy Kaufman (Actor and Performer)

1962   Jim Carrey (Actor)

1971   Kid Rock (Singer and Rapper)

1983   Dwayne Wade

1957   Steve Harvey (Comedian)

Today in History Archive:

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