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January 16


1995   The first episode of Star Trek: Voyager airs.

1412   The Medici family are made official bankers of the Papacy.

1547   Ivan the Terrible becomes Tsar of Russia.

1556   Philip II becomes King of Spain.

1581   English Parliament outlaws Roman Catholicism.

1909   The magnetic South Pole is found

1919   The 18th amendment (prohibition) is passed

Famous Birthdays:

1980   Lin-Manuel Miranda (Actor, playright, and composer)

1909   Ethel Merman (Singer)

1911   Dizzy Dean (Baseball Player)

1944   Ronnie Milsap (Country Singer)

1959   Sade (Singer)

1974   Kate Moss (Model)

1979   Aaliyah (Singer and Actress)

1980   Albert Pujols (Baseball Player)

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