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December 25


1991   Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as leader of the Soviet Union

800   Coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor

1223   St. Francis of Assisi builds the first Nativity scene.

1776   George Washington and his army cross the Delaware River

1939   Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is introduced in a 1939 booklet written by Robert L. May and published by Montgomery Ward.

5 BC   The traditional Birth Day of Jesus Christ.

Famous Birthdays:

5 B.C.   Jesus Christ

1642   Sir Issac Newton (Scientist)

1821   Clara Barton (Founder of the American Red Cross)

1878   Louis Chevrolet (Car Company Founder)

1887   Conrad Hilton (Founder of Hilton hotels)

1899   Humphrey Bogart (Actor)

1918   Anwar Sadat (Egyptian president)

1946   Jimmy Buffet (Singer)

1949   Sissy Spacek (Actress)

1958   Ricky Henderson (Baseball player)

1968   Helena Christensen (Model)

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