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December 22


1864   Savannah, Georgia falls to General Sherman completing his March to the Sea.

1885   Ito Hirobumi, a samurai, became the first Prime Minister of Japan.

1937   The Lincoln Tunnel opens to traffic in New York City.

1962   The 1,000,000th NBA point is scored

1990   Lech Walesa is sworn in as Poland's 1st popularly elected president

Famous Birthdays:

1858   Giacomo Puccini (Opera composer)

1696   James Ogelthorpe (Statesman)

1912   Lady Bird Johnson (Former First Lady of the United States)

1917   Gene Rayburn (Game Show Host)

1945   Diane Sawyer (News anchor)

1948   Steve Garvey (Baseball player)

1949   Maurice and Robin Gibb (2/3rds of the Bee Gee's)

1962   Ralph Fiennes (Actor)

1989   Jordan Sparks (Singer)

Today in History Archive:

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