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December 18


1932   The 1st NFL Pro football playoff game takes place.

1892   The first performance of Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker is held

1961   Wilt Chamberlain scores 78 points in an NBA game (the second highest points total ever).

1964   The Pink Panther cartoon series premieres on television.

1965   Kenneth LeBel jumps a record 17 barrels on ice skates

1976   Wonder Woman debuts on ABC

Famous Birthdays:

1886   Ty Cobb (Baseball Player)

1943   Keith Richards (Guitarist for the Rolling Stones)

1946   Steven Spielberg (Movie Director)

1963   Brad Pitt (Actor)

1964   Stone Cold Steve Austin (Pro Wrestler)

1978   Katie Holmes (Actress)

1980   Christina Aguilera (Singer)

1989   Ashley Benson (Actress)

1992   Bridjit Mendler (Actress)

Today in History Archive:

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