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August 4


1753   George Washington becomes a Master Mason, the highest degree of Freemasonry.

1821   The weekly newspaper, the Saturday Evening Post, is published for the first time.

1983   Dave Winfield, a New York Yankee outfielder, is charged by local police for his act of cruelty to animals"" when he accidentally kills a seagull during warmups in the outfield."

1985   Rod Carew gets his 3000th hit and pitcher Tom Seaver gets his 300th win.

Famous Birthdays:

1792   Percy Shelley (Poet)

1900   Elizabeth (The Queen Mother of Britain)

1955   Billy Bob Thornton (Actor)

1961   Barack Obama (US President)

1962   Roger Clemons (Baseball Player)

1971   Jeff Gordon (Nascar Driver)

1978   Kurt Busch (Nascar Driver)

1992   Dylan and Cole Sprouse (Twin actors)

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