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August 24


79   The volcano of Mount Vesuvius erupts and buries Pompeii in volcanic ash.

1456   The Gutenberg Bible is finished printing.

1814   British troops burn down the White House.

1853   The first Potato chips (called Saratoga chips) are prepared in NY.

1891   The motion picture camera is patented by Thomas Edison.

1932   Amelia Earhart completes her flight across the United States non-stop. She is the first woman to do so.

Famous Birthdays:

1929   Yasser Arafat (Palestinian leader)

1951   Orson Scott Card (Author wrote Ender's Game)

1960   Cal Ripkin Jr. (Baseball player)

1965   Reggie Miller (Basketball Player)

1973   Dave Chapelle (Comedian)

1981   Chad Michael Murray (Actor)

1988   Rupert Grint (Actor played Ron Weasley in Harry Potter movies)

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