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August 18


1868   Helium is discovered by French astronomer Pierre Jules C????sar Janssen.

1877   The Martian moon Phobos is discovered.

1920   The 19th Amendment to the US constitution passes. It guarantees women's suffrage.

1982   Pete Rose sets MLB record with his 13,941st plate appearance.

Famous Birthdays:

1587   Virginia Dare (First English child born in America)

1774   Meriwether Lewis (Explorer of the America west with Clark)

1830   Franz Joseph I (Emperor of Austria)

1934   Roberto Clemente (Baseball player)

1936   Robert Redford (Actor)

1952   Patrick Swayze (Actor)

1969   Edward Norton (Actor)

1969   Christian Slater (Actor)

1970   Malcom-Jamal Warner (Actor )

Today in History Archive:

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