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August 17


1807   Robert Fulton starts the first commercial steamboat service.

1970   Venera 7 is launched for Venus. It will later becomes the first spacecraft to successfully transmit from the surface of another planet.

1973   Willie Mays hits his 660th and last home run of his career.

1978   Double Eagle II becomes first balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean

Famous Birthdays:

1786   Davy Crockett (Tennessee pioneer)

1926   Jiang Zemin (President of China)

1943   Robert De Niro (Actor)

1952   Nelson Piquet (Race car driver)

1958   Belinda Carlisle (Singer with the Go-Go's)

1960   Sean Penn (Actor)

1969   Donnie Wahlberg (Actor)

1970   Jim Courier (Tennis Player)

1983   Dustin Pedroia (Baseball player)

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