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General Overview

Surrealism began as a philosophical movement that said the way to find truth in the world was through the subconscious mind and dreams, rather than through logical thought. The movement included many artists, poets, and writers who expressed their theories in their work.

When was the Surrealism movement?

The movement began in the mid-1920s in France and was born out of an earlier movement called Dadaism from Switzerland. It reached its peak in the 1930s.

What are the characteristics of Surrealism?

Surrealism images explored the subconscious areas of the mind. The artwork often made little sense as it was usually trying to depict a dream or random thoughts.

Examples of Surrealism Art

The Song of Love (Giorgio de Chirico)

This painting is one of the earliest examples of Surrealist art. It was painted by de Chirico in 1914, before the movement really began. It combines a number of unrelated objects such as the green ball, giant rubber glove, and the head of a Greek statue. De Chirico was trying to explain his feelings for the ridiculousness of World War I through this painting. You can see this painting here.

The Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali)

Perhaps the most famous of all the great Surrealist paintings, the Persistence of Memory is known for the melting watches as well as the clarity of the art. The painting gives you sense that you are dreaming and that time is irrelevant. You can see this painting here.

The Son of Man (Rene Magritte)

The Son of Man is a self-portrait of Rene Magritte. However, we can't see his face as it's covered by an apple. The painting shows a man in a bowler hat standing in front of a wall by the ocean. The sky is cloudy and, oddly enough, the man's face is obscured by the apple. If you look close enough, though, you can see the man's eyes. So perhaps he can see you. You can see this painting here.

Famous Surrealism Artists
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