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Pink Flamingo
Author: Keeepa

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The flamingo is a beautiful pink wading bird. There are actually 6 different species of flamingos. They are the Greater Flamingo (Africa, Europe, Asia), Lesser Flamingo (Africa, India), Chilean Flamingo (South America), James's Flamingo (South America), Andean Flamingo (South America) and the American Flamingo (Caribbean).

Caribbean Flamingo walking in the water
Caribbean Flamingo
Author: Adrian Pingstone

We'll talk mostly here about the American Flamingo which has the scientific name Phoenicopterus ruber. They grow to around 3 to 5 feet tall and weigh around 5 to 6 pounds. The males are generally slightly larger than the females. Flamingo's feathers are usually pinkish red. They also have pink legs and a pink and white bill with a black tip.

Where do Flamingos live?

Different species of Flamingos live throughout the world. The American Flamingo is the only one that lives in the wild in North America. It lives on many Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas, Cuba, and Hispaniola. It also lives in northern South America, the Galapagos Islands, and parts of Mexico.

Flamingos live in a habitat of low level water such as lagoons or mudflats or lakes. They like to wade around in the water searching for food. They are very social and sometimes live in large groups of as many as 10,000 birds.

What do they eat?

The Flamingos get most of their food by filtering out the mud and water in their bills to eat insects and crustaceans like shrimp. They get their pink coloring from the pigment in their food, carotenoid, which is the same thing that makes carrots orange.

Group of Flamingos
Author: Photo by Ducksters

Can Flamingos fly?

Yes. Although we mostly think of Flamingos wading in the water, they can fly as well. They have to run to gather speed before they can take off. They often fly in large flocks.

Why do they stand on one leg?

Scientists aren't 100% sure why Flamingos stand on one leg, but they have some theories. One says that it's to keep one leg warm. In the cold weather they can keep one leg next to their body helping it to stay warm. Another idea is that they are drying out one leg at a time. A third theory states that it helps them trick their prey, because one leg looks more like a plant than two.

Whatever the reason is, it is truly amazing that these top heavy birds can balance on one leg for hours at a time. They even sleep while balanced on one leg!

Flamingo standing in the water
The juvenile greater flamingo
Author: Hobbyfotowiki

Fun Facts about Flamingos

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