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American Bullfrog

bullfrog with white background
Source: USFWS

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The American Bullfrog is an amphibian and a large frog that lives in or near the water. Its scientific name is Rana catesbeiana.

Where do bullfrogs live?

Bullfrogs live across much of the United States. They range as far north as Canada and south into Mexico. They have spread to where they are now found on other continents like Europe, Asia, and South America.

Their preferred habitat is standing or slow-moving bodies of freshwater such as lakes, ponds, and marshes. They are generally found near the edges hidden in plants.

bullfrog in water
Source: USFWS
How big do bullfrogs get?

The body of a bullfrog can grow to around 6 inches long not including their legs. They have long legs that can add another 8-9 inches in length. They can weigh up to 1.5 pounds. Females tend to be a bit larger than males.

Their skin is generally greenish to brown with black or dark brown spots and a lighter cream or yellow underbelly. They can be quite thick, have a wide flat head, long back legs, and shorter front legs. They have uniquely large eardrums that are the size of their eyes or even larger, in the case of the male bullfrog.

What do they eat?

Bullfrogs will eat just about any animal they can stuff into their mouths. They are nocturnal and hunt at night, sitting still and ambushing prey as it passes by them. They will often force the prey under the water to drown it. Typical food includes mice, other frogs, insects, fish, and even birds and snakes.

photo of bullfrog
Source: USFWS
How far can bullfrogs jump?

Bullfrogs use their powerful back legs to make great leaps of up to 6 feet.

Male bullfrogs are very territorial. They make a deep bellowing call to attract females to their area.

Habitat Range of the American Bullfrog
Source: USGS

Fun facts about the American Bullfrog

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