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Volleyball: Glossary and Terms

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Ace : A serve that scores a point without the receiving team being able to return the serve back over the net.

Back-One: When a volleyball is set quickly or low to the middle hitter or the right side hitter.

Back-Two: A high set of the volleyball to the middle or the right side hitter.

Bump : A first hit or pass that is used to set an attack.

Carry: A fault in which the volleyball is held for too long of time in the player's hands.

Cross: A play in which the middle hitter jumps for a one, and the weak-side hitter, having moved to the middle of the court, takes an approach for a two at the same location.

Cut : an attack shot taken at an extreme angle.

Dig : A first hit of an attack ball resulting in a successful pass. Often the volleyball is hit low or close to the ground.

Double contact : A fault where a player hits the volleyball two times in a row.

Dump: When a player hits the ball over the net on the second contact. This is generally a surprise play when the setter appears to be setting the ball but then quickly hits it over the net and into an open spot.

Five-one (5-1) : A volleyball formation where there is one main setter and five attack players. A common formation for high-level teams.

Floater : A type of serve where the volleyball is intentionally hit with no spin. This can be effective as the ball can move erratically making it difficult to hit.

Four-two (4-2) : A volleyball formation using four attackers and two setters. Usually used for beginning teams.

Jump serve: A type of serve where the server tosses the ball into the air and then jumps up and hits the serve as the ball is coming down. The idea is to get a higher angle and allow for the serve to be hit harder. This type of serve takes lots of practice to perfect.

Kill : a successful spike attack.

Mis-hit : A bad hit or one that is not hit the way the volleyball player wanted to hit it.

Pancake : A type of dig when the player uses the back of their hand flat to the ground allowing the ball to bounce off their hand for the hit.

Side out : A loss in the point that causes a change in serve.

Six-two (6-2) : Six player offense where there are two designated setters in the back row.

Spike : A type of attack where the ball is hit down over the net with good force and speed.

Strong side : The left side of the court. It's call this because most players are right handed and it's easier to attack from this side for a right hander.

Tip : A soft hit attack used to get the ball over the net quickly.

Weak side : The right side of the court. Called weak because most right handed players can't attack as well from this side.

Wipe : When one player pushes the volleyball off the opponents block to knock the ball out of bounds off their block and winning the point.

Volleyball Player Positions Volleyball Rules Volleyball Strategy Volleyball Glossary

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