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In Lacrosse there are offensive and defensive strategies for different situations. Some of these game situations include:

Lacrosse player looking to make a pass
Source: US Army
Lacrosse Offensive Strategies:

In a regular or settled situations, teams will run set offenses. A common settled offense is called a 2-3-1. This stands for a first line of 2 midfielders at the top of the field, a second line just in front of the goal with two attackers on the outside and a midfielder in the middle, and a third attacker located just behind the goal (sometimes called position X). The players will then pass the ball around the outside or run in triangles to confuse the defense and try to get an opening. Some other settled formations include the 1-4-1 and the 1-3-2. Some formations may give an offense more attack strength, but also leaves the defense open to a fast break. Other strategies used include setting picks or screening within the rules. A key offensive strategy in lacrosse is to try and get fast breaks or unsettled clears. This can give the offense the advantage for a short period of time. By quickly transitioning the ball up the field a team can get more offensive players than defensive players in the attack zone.

Lacrosse Defensive Strategies:

In regular or settled play the defense may play man-to-man defense, where each lacrosse defensive player is assigned an offensive player to cover, or zone, where each defensive player is assigned an area or zone to cover. In man-to-man defense players need to communicate and have "slide" responsibilities where they cover for a defender who gets passed. Knowing when and how to switch players is key in a lacrosse man-to-man defense. The most common zone defense is a 3-3 where the top three players are midfielders and the bottom three are defenders.

Man-up Man Down:

Power play or Man-up Man Down is another key area in lacrosse strategy. A Man-up situation is a great opportunity to score and teams must be ready to capitalize on these situations. At the same time, if you can establish a strong man-down defense you can frustrate the other lacrosse team as well as hold them in check.


Substitutions are a key strategy in lacrosse as well. Keeping the players, especially midfielders, fresh and fast is important. The best strategy and players in the world won't be able to win games if they are too exhausted to run.

Sports----> Lacrosse

Lacrosse Player Positions Lacrosse Rules Lacrosse Strategy Lacrosse Glossary

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